About Kura

Kura shall not replace communication between people. Kura will reinforce communication between people, by helping relatives get a more comprehensive insight into their everyday lives. Increase the quality of everyday life of all parties by sharing messages, activities and everyday moments through pictures.
You feel more involved, you share more, with the quality of our closest in focus all the time. Through the opportunity to follow each other's everyday lives even more, Kura will help give our regular visits a more holistic value through the insight we give each other.

Kura is a web portal, and requires no installation of software. Only internet access needed. The solution is optimized for use on tablet, mobile and pc / mac.
Our recommendation is to use tablets among employees in your health institution. This will ensures efficient use of Kura, and provide employees with a available tool for fast messaging and posting of photos. Similarly, messages and moments from the families are easily accessible to both employees and residents.

Kura is developed in Norway in close collaboration with selected health organizations.

Kura AS

Møllendalsbakken 2A
5009 Bergen
Tlf: +47 22 92 45 50
Org.nr: 917 424 578


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